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We all love adventure films and we all love great conservation stories. As much as we enjoy producing Corporate Videos Adventure For Change gives us the opportunity to explore the world and document the most amazing ways people are making changes for a sustainable future. And it all starts with Greenland, high in the Arctic!

EXPEDITION GREENLAND: Beyond the Comfort Zone


Scientists and filmmakers Dr Dean Miller and Aaron Jamieson are volunteering their time and equipment and putting it all on theline to go the world’s largest island: Greenland. They have been invited to take part in a two-month expedition from March 10 to May 14, 2013 and will endure some of the most challenging and inhospitable environmental conditions known inthe high Arctic.

Greenland is home to some of the most beautiful and fragile ecosystems on Earth and they are changing. The Greenland ice sheet isexperiencing some of the most rapid and concerning changes in ice conditions.The mission is simple: travel to some of the most untouched regions of Greenland to film and document just how quickly changes in our climate are affecting this remote and unknown environment and its people and bring the story back home. It’s only after we see things for ourselves that we can start to make a difference, and that is what Adventure for Change is all about!

Base camp will be at Constable Point airport, mid-way up the east coast at the head of Hurry Fjord where the mighty Scoresby Sund Fjord meets the ocean. Transport will be simple and effective: Snowmobiles, ice trekking, mountain climbing, ski touring, snowboarding and dog sledding. From base camp the team will have access to local people and their traditions, rare and endangered wildlife including polar bears and walrus, and will traverse glaciers, climb mountains and visit remote and vast expanses of ice terrain to discover and document as much about Greenland as possible. Average temperature will be -25 degrees Celsius andthe team will camp out on the ice for days on end. It certainly won’t be easy but it will be one hell of an adventure!

Despite being far from the comforts of home Dean and Aaron won’t be out of reach. Adventure for Change is about making expeditions available to everybody and in real-time – that’s where Jenna comes in, who will be facilitating regular social media updates.

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